Enterprise Staffing Solutions

Our talent, your results– this is the premise behind Pixelcorp Inc.

Partnering with Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized firms across industries, experience the best in class, uniquely customized and scalable workforce solutions.

Talent On-demand

Achieve your business objectives with our wide-ranging, yet specialized spectrum of services across verticals and functions. Acquire, engage and retain the right talent on-demand – when, where and how you need it; contract, direct hire,  or statement of work.

Global Reach

The talent you are searching for can be right across the street or the globe. With offices globally, our team has the ability to source talent virtually anywhere.

Cost and Complexity

A perfect combination of global talent, our scientific approach, proprietary technology tools and specific industry expertise delivers best in class quality with remarkable speed, and often reducing overall recruitment costs

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Project Management and Application Development Management Solutions

We provide experienced Project Managers and Scrum Masters with proven records of driving complex implementations, ownership of deliverables, client management experience on SDLC application development projects through the Project Life Cycle (PLC) within the Project Management Office (PMO).

Application Development Management Solutions are complex and dynamic. To meet business needs, customers must align with a services partner that possesses a proven track record, a quality approach to delivering consistent results and the expertise required to drive successful outcomes.

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Data Management and Infrastructure Solutions

Today companies need to have the right information available at the right time. PIXELCORP brings extensive experience analyzing complex enterprise data and transforming it into rich business intelligence that can be used to drive decisions. We help our customers develop a comprehensive master data plan or any aspect of the same- data quality assessment, standards development, architecture, governance, and deployment. Our goal is to make sure that the available historical data can be used to accurately predict future performance, extrapolated based on patterns and trends, and leveraged to take critical and timely business decision.

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Since 1993

Cyber Security Solutions

When you’re talking about your company’s data, its most important asset, it makes sense to be proactive versus reactive. Without a strategy and plan you’ll be challenged to defend your company against malicious threats and enable it to operate new business processes while maintaining acceptable levels of risk. An intelligent security approach can help you predict and pre-empt the risk of data compromise in the form of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

PIXELCORP helps IT and business leaders develop and implement a security approach that ties security to business goals, combats a widening variety of threats, and embraces emerging technologies to support the enterprise’s pursuit of new digital business opportunities.

How We Help Our Customers:

  • Develop BYOD rules, policies and assess overall threat of continued allowance
  • Leverage analytics to identify security targets, patterns, network or data abnormalities
  • Implement mobile device management systems across the cloud and traditional systems
  • Baseline current security level and develop a multi-year strategic plan to improve


  • Security Audits
  • Security and Risk Management Strategic Plan development
  • Integration of Security into all Business Processes
  • Active Directory Integration and Maintenance
  • Implementation of Security Software

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